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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Everyone has different approaches to learning. With a network spread across the globe it is crucial that IAPO’s members have access to flexible, relevant and high quality resources that fit in with the multiple time zones our members are in.

Over the course of 2016, IAPO will be looking at what e-learning resources are currently available and how we can help fill the gaps.

Watch out for a consultation that we will be launching soon, asking our members and supporters for their opinions on e-learning. We’ll be asking what resources you would like to see, which training your organization would benefit from and which formats suit your style.

To find out more about what is currently on offer, we’ve been speaking to a couple of organizations that host high quality resources and tools.


The European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP) is a self-learning resource aimed at patients, patient representatives and carers. It was developed by IAPO member the European Lung Foundation and the NIHR CLAHRC for Leeds, York and Bradford. The programme is structured around seven online and interactive modules that users can pick and choose, depending on their interests.

520 people are currently enrolled on the programme, and there are 20 participants that sit on a Patient Advisory Group. This group was created once the first wave of ambassadors had completed the programme, with the aim of reviewing and shaping the courses on an on-going basis.

The most popular modules are ‘Being better informed’ and ‘Improving public awareness’, which provide training on finding reliable information and raising awareness for conditions. The course ‘Participating in healthcare conferences’, which helps to prepare users for upcoming events through training on presentation skills, has also gained popularity in recent months.

Find out more about the programme.

United Patients Academy

United Patients Online Academy is an online training platform with coursework, toolkits and a resource library to help health NGOs build capacity in 1) Strategic planning, 2) Volunteer management, 3) Fundraising, 4) Media planning and 5) Advocacy. It is based on best practice drawn from years of field experience and is currently available in English and Spanish, with Portuguese to come soon.

The Academy is an online MBA for NGOs that uses expert testimony, monthly ‘Ask the Expert Webinars’ and hands-on experience to build capacity. United Patients Online Academy was created with the view that in order to better serve patients, civil society needs to be better prepared to address patients’ needs and barriers. 

IAPO and United Patients Academy will be working collaboratively in the coming months on webinars and other resources.

The resource is free and you can register with your email address.  Log onto unitedpatientsacademy.org or pacientesunidos.org now to be part of the ongoing global effort to better serve patients and build capacity for change.

Other resources of note

IAPO member the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) is hosting ‘Tools for Change’, a series of webinars aimed at developing advocacy and lobbying skills. Read more.

EUPATI has recently launched a Toolbox on Medicines Research & Development, which is a comprehensive educational resource that has been developed by patients, researchers and advocates to provide information on the processes involved with medicines research and development. EUPATI partners the European AIDS Treatment Group and EURORDIS are both members of IAPO. Explore the Toolbox.

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