White paper launched to drive action for sustainable action for circulatory health

Monday, 15 October 2018

On 25 September, just ahead of the High-Level Meeting on NCDs, the Global Coalition for Circulatory Health, which IAPO is part of, launched a new White Paper for Circulatory Health: Driving Sustainable Action for Circulatory Health. The white paper is a solution-oriented paper which draws on success stories and patient testimonies to present feasible actions in education and training, universal health coverage, financing, infrastructure, and access to medicines and technologies to advance circulatory health.

This publication is deemed very timely as it will bring together leaders in public health by drawing on the success stories and community lessons from around the world. It is also an excellent publication and  exactly what policy makers need as it showcases proven, practical steps to advance circulatory health.

At the moment, the  global cost of circulatory diseases is:

  • A global burden of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney disease that account for half a billion disability years
  • Almost 1 billion people affected by hypertension, a major risk factor for circulatory diseases
  • A risk of stroke that doubles every decade after 55 years of age

Recommendations from the White Paper on Circulatory Health

  • Improve access to prevention and care for circulatory health
  • Strengthen the role of primary health care doctors, nurses and trained health workers in circulatory health
  • Mobilise national resources for circulatory health, and ensure that governments and international organisations measure initiatives and drive action

Download the White Paper on Circulatory Health here.