Self-Care Readiness Index Consumer survey

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

The Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF), in its efforts to aid in the understanding and development of a world where self-care increasingly contributes to better health and more sustainable healthcare systems, invites you to participate in a patient survey gauging knowledge and attitudes towards self-care products and practices. 

The survey results will feed into the research process for GSCF’s forthcoming Self-Care Readiness Index, a project that is part of the Federation’s 3-year Collaboration Plan with the World Health Organization.

The Self-Care Readiness Index aims to identify and discuss the critical enablers for “self-care readiness” in a health system and offer a measure of selected national systems, underscoring existing progress and identifying opportunities for improvement. The survey will provide critical primary data to underpin the Index’s evaluation of patients’ and consumers’ trust and support for self-care practices.”

Click here to take part in this survey.