Call for delegates: the 4th Global Youth Meet on Health

Thursday, 15 April 2021

With 1.2 billion people aged 15-24 years, the world’s youth population has a key role to play in addressing challenges related to public health, including all diseases and their determinants.

The 4th Global Youth Meet (GYM) on Health is being held virtually by HRIDAY and WHO SEARO from 20-21 April 2021, under the theme of “Meaningful youth engagement for leading action on Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals”. The Call for Applications is now open, inviting youth champions from around the world to apply to participate in GYM 2021.

At GYM 2021, participating young people will work together to explore linkages between sexual and reproductive health, noncommunicable and communicable diseases, environmental health, and mental health, all within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage.GYM will attempt to link SDG 3.4 on NCDs and mental health, with other key goals within SDG 3 and other cross-cutting SDGs. Given the current recalibration of global health priorities, GYM will adopt an integrated public health perspective, looking at multi-pronged public health challenges from a broader lens of co-morbidities (including both communicable and non-communicable conditions) and pandemics like COVID-19

This year’s GYM will aim to strengthen the capacities and skills of these young leaders, preparing them to take part in integrated campaigns to meet their national NCD targets and accelerate action for SDGs. Following earlier models, GYM 2021 will culminate in the adoption of concrete and time-bound youth-led GYM Regional Action Plans. 

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