Innovating to beat NCDs - Submit your application for the second cycle of the NCD Lab

Monday, 18 October 2021

The WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs (GCM/NCD) invites you to submit your applications for the second cycle of the NCD Lab, a virtual initiative that aims to raise awareness of NCDs and to identify innovative and cross-cutting initiatives working towards reducing the global burden of NCDs and mental health conditions.

We are inviting submissions from individuals or groups of individuals across three thematic areas with various proposal types welcome ranging from advocacy campaigns to educational and training activities to name a few.

For more information on this initiative and to access the online form explore, go to the WHO Knowledge Action Portal (KAP). The NCD Lab will be accepting submissions from Monday 4 October to Monday 1st November 2021.


Call for Submissions

The three cross cutting thematic areas covered within the NCD Lab are Women and Girls, NCDs and the Next Generation, and Meaningful Engagement of People Living with NCDs and Mental Health Conditions with the following calls for the second cycle:

Women and Girls

Primary healthcare innovations for NCD prevention and care which leverage lessons learned from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases to improve access for women and girls.

NCDs and the Next Generation

Interventions highlighting youth strategies for countering or exposing commercial determinants or drivers of poor health during the COVID-19 pandemic and response.

Meaningful Engagement of People Living with NCDs and Mental Health Conditions

National or regional COVID-19 responses for meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs and mental health conditions in building community resilience, with specific involvement of marginalised communities in decision-making processes.

For more information regarding eligibility requirements, previous winners, proposal types, and submission dates, please visit the NCD Lab page on the KAP website. 


About the Noncommunicable Disease Lab (NCD Lab)

The Noncommunicable Disease Lab (NCD Lab) is a new virtual platform that supports submissions that harness innovative solutions to accelerate progress towards achieving the NCD and NCD-related SDGs. 
The platform is looking to receive submissions of innovative game-changing projects, whilst bringing stakeholders together to address a range of NCD challenges, to leverage the opportunities and maximize the benefits associated with addressing NCDs, which include their risk factors and determinants, to facilitate a strong, proactive, and integrated multisectoral and multistakeholder response.
Functioning as a WHO platform, it yields the tools to raise awareness of NCDs and can help identify innovative solutions and cross-cutting initiatives working towards reducing the global burden of NCDs and mental health conditions.


The NCD Lab contributes towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target 3.4, to reduce premature mortality between 30-70 years of age from NCDs by 2030. Further, the NCD Lab provides a platform to mobilize stakeholders, as appropriate, to align and scale action, for the implementation of national NCD and mental health responses. Its vision is to establish a platform that: 
Harnesses the power of multisectoral and multistakeholder collaboration
Maintains an “ethos” of innovation both in principle and practice
Propels global development by supporting dynamic initiatives that reduce the burden of NCDs and mental health conditions


This platform encourages submissions of innovative solutions that support the NCD and NCD related global health agendas that target all levels, including policy-level change, systems change, or individual level change. The NCD Lab has also established a steering group to support each thematic area. Each Steering Group is comprised of 10-15 individuals appointed by the Secretariat in accordance with selective criteria and conditions as outlined in the Terms of Reference.