Resources 2021


Tools and resources for you!

We have developed a range of materials and tools for you to use in your activities and plans for Patient Solidarity Day. Many of these are examples for you to adapt for your organization, country context or activity. For example, the newsletter blurb is an outline for you to use when notifying your networks and partners about the Day and about your activities, and has sections for you to include further details about your plans and background about your work. Please feel free to download and use all of the materials in your work, or to translate them to your local language to strengthen your activities on Patient Solidarity Day.


Materials for you to use

Advocacy Letter to your Ministry's of health urging them to implement GPSAP 21-30

PSD email  banner ​

PSD Social media banner

PSD social media posts


We hope you find these materials helpful in spreading the news about Patient Solidarity Day and your organization and activities!


Key asks for PSD 2021

No patient should be harmed in healthcare and every patient should receive safe and respectful care, every time, everywhere. On PSD2021, we are calling for patient co-creation in the implementation of the Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021 -2030. Join us!

We are celebrating the adoption of the Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021 -2030 by our world leaders in May 2021. We are now asking them to move beyond the promises and implement plan through collaboration with patients.