Since 2009, IAPO has been a partner in a European project, the Pharmacoepidemiological Research on Outcomes of Therapeutics by a European Consortium (PROTECT). PROTECT aims to strengthen the monitoring of the benefit-risk of medicines, and IAPO currently supports work on two parts (work packages) of the project.  

The goal of PROTECT is to strengthen the monitoring of the benefit-risk of medicines in Europe. This will be achieved by developing a set of innovative tools and methods to enhance the early detection and assessment of adverse drug reactions, and enable the integration and presentation of data on benefits and risks.

These methods will be tested in real-life situations in order to provide all stakeholders (patients, prescribers, public health authorities, regulators and pharmaceutical companies) with accurate and useful information supporting risk management and continuous benefit-risk assessment.   

PROTECT Symposium

In February 2015, as the project was coming to an end, a Symposium was held to share some of the key outcomes of PROTECT. View the slides and films from the PROTECT Symposium.