Transparency in how decisions are made and the interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and the patient community is crucial to building trust and openness, and every stakeholder must play their part.
Three organizations have developed a survey to improve patient experience in clinical trials. Have your say.
A joint intervention delivered at the WHO's EURO Regional Committee meeting, 15 September 2015...
Take part in a survey for WHO's the Patients for Patient Safety programme
17 goals, 169 targets, 15 years, 193 member states: an introduction to the sustainable development goals and where health fits in.
When Friedrich Nietzsche said, ‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger’, he had no idea that what was true for humans was also true for microbes!
6 October 2015
A unique opportunity to convene and interact with healthcare experts and key Leaders that shape national and international healthcare systems!
Alison Lightbourne, IAPO Policy Manager, shares on how to get the message across and the importance of communicating clearly.
Two charities recently won a landmark case in the UK Supreme Court that will change the health and social welfare laws which affect thousands of children with severe chronic health conditions.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ( BMGF ) is currently consulting with health advocates and key civil society organizations on the launching of a new initiative aimed at building high-performing health care systems in the 21st century.


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