Patient Solidarity Day 2014 theme

Universal health coverage

Every person, every patient is equal and all have the right to access the healthcare they need, when they need it. We need to unite to ensure that all people, across the world, have fair and impartial access to quality healthcare.

The theme for Patient Solidarity Day in 2014 aims to continue IAPO’s priority issue this year; a focus on universal health coverage and raising awareness about patient-centred healthcare. It will continue work that was initiated at the 6th Global Patients Congress earlier in the year, and continued through other work, including interventions made at several World Health Organization regional meetings.

Universal Health Coverage was identified as a key issue for our members in the pre-Congress consultation, therefore Patient Solidarity Day is an important vehicle to continue to raise awareness around about these important issues. Drafted by IAPO members themselves, the core principles of universal health overage include:

  • Patient-centred: all stakeholders need to work together to ensure that health systems prioritise and meet the needs of patients, their families and carers.
  • Accessibility: universal health coverage must ensure that all patients can access health services they require.
  • Equity: all people, regardless of age, gender, race, disease or condition, and economic circumstances must have equitable access to healthcare.
  • Quality: care must be of high quality at all levels and stages of healthcare.
  • Empowerment: patients must be actively involved in all levels of healthcare decision-making.
  • Collaboration: improved access to healthcare for all is only possible with the collaboration of all stakeholders, including patients.  
  • Value of healthcare: it is essential to place priority on the value, not the cost of providing access to high quality, equitable and affordable healthcare for all.
  • Accountability: health systems must be accountable to the patients they serve, as accountability and transparency are vital to ensuring safe, effective healthcare.

These principles, along with IAPO’s declaration on Patient-Centred Healthcare will serve as critical resources for members to highlight the core issues from a patients’ perspective. We look forward to our members using these tools on Patient Solidarity Day as important ways to raise awareness and advocate for change.