Patient Solidarity Day was initiated by the Morris Moses Foundation, a close affiliate of IAPO, in Kenya in 2011.



Patient Solidarity Day was initiated by the Morris Moses Foundation, a close affiliate of IAPO, in Kenya in 2011. The initiative was aligned with IAPO’s vision and mission; to put patients throughout the world at the centre of healthcare. IAPO members recognised the importance of engaging with the day. 

2012 and 2013

In 2012, the Day was celebrated in Kenya by the Morris Moses Foundation, as well as in Uganda by IAPO member Community Health and Information Network (CHAIN Uganda), along with support and solidarity from other IAPO members. 2013 saw a dramatic increase in solidarity and activities on the day. Members across the African continent held a diverse range of activities to show their support.

2014 and 2015

In 2014, Patient Solidarity Day was a global event for the first time. 80 organizations from 32 countries took part. In 2015, engagement of patient communities was even stronger, with 108 organizations supporting the Day. The theme was health as a human right and many people raised awareness in different ways. Activities included awareness walks, hospital visits, free health screenings, debates, meeting health ministers, writing articles and much more!

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Patient Solidarity Day 2016 saw thousands of patients and advocates across the world coming together to unite in a call for patient-centred universal health coverage for all. 172 organizations from 44 countries came together to support the Day. Whether taking to the streets to demonstrate their support, lobbying health ministers or holding health screenings, patients from all continents rallied together on Saturday 3 December 2016 to ensure that no-one is left behind.

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Patient Solidarity Day 2017 saw thousands of patients and advocates around the world rally around the call for ‘Globally Empowered Patients: Power through Knowledge’. We had the highest number of supporters since the campaign began in 2011, with patient advocates from all over the world holding activities to mark the day. At least 175 organizations from 48 countries came together in solidarity calling for globally empowered patients.

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