Highlights from Patient Solidarity Day 2017

Who supported the Day?

178 organizations supported Patient Solidarity Day in 2017.

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Read the Patient Solidarity Day article which highlights some of the activities that members and other patient organizations  around the world held to celebrate Patient Solidarity Day.

Resources and materials

IAPO produced a pack of resources and materials to help members and other patient advocates build strong campaigns and activities for the Day.  This included a handbook with key messages and ideas for different activities, an articles and press releases, graphics, posters and banners. We designed the resources to be simple, adaptable and easily to replicate. Many organizations printed banners, posters and fliers with the logo and slogan to advertise their events. Others adapted the resources to make the campaign their own.

The Patient Solidarity Day Handbook​ 

The Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to all activities and outreach around Patient Solidarity Day. It provides ideas on activities, key messages, and guides on how to attract and engage media and other partners.Please download it and use it in your planning! 

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All the materials below are available in Spanish on our Spanish language page (click Español in the top right of the website).



PSD email banner 

Patient Solidarity Day Flyer

Patient Solidarity Day Poster

Example press release

Example newsletter before the event

Example letter template to key stakeholders: send these to your Ministry of Health, WHO office or other important partners

Patient Solidarity Day Quotes

Key message graphics

Click on the previews graphics below. This will take you to a new page, so that you can right click to save and download them for your own use.