History of Patient Solidarity Day


Patient Solidarity Day is an initiative started by the Morris Moses Foundation, a close affiliate of IAPO members, in Kenya in 2011. They felt it important to have a Day to honour patients and highlight the need for patients to be central in healthcare systems and able to take ownership of their healthcare. IAPO members from around the African continent felt that raising awareness about patient-centred healthcare was critical in their countries.

The Day directly supported IAPO’s vision and mission; that patients throughout the world are at the centre of healthcare​, and members therefore felt the importance of engaging in the Day. In 2012, The Day was celebrated in Kenya by the Morris Moses Foundation, as well as in Uganda by IAPO member, Community Health and Information Network (CHAIN Uganda), along with support and solidarity from other IAPO members.


2013 activities

2013 saw a dramatic increase in solidarity and activities on the Day. Members across the African continent held a diverse range of activities to show their support for Patient Solidarity Day. The theme for 2013 was a call to “improve lives through patient-centred healthcare”, aiming to raise awareness of the important role patients’ organizations play in ensuring healthcare systems meet the needs of the communities they serve and the right of patients to be fully informed to make effective healthcare decisions.

These issues were of particular relevance in Africa, where healthcare systems face complex problems, often neglecting the needs of the patient. 17 IAPO members from 10 countries across the continent celebrated and supported the event. They worked hard to make the Day successful and raise awareness of the importance of patient-centred healthcare. We congratulate them for their dedication to prioritise patients across Africa.

Read the Highlights from 2013

The 2013 Evaluation Report has further details about members activities and achievements. 


2014: we're spreading the word! 

2014 will be our biggest year yet! Many IAPO members from around the world have expressed how important the Patient Solidarity Day issues are for them, and how relevant raising awareness will be for their countries and regions. So this year, we’re going global! We hope that all IAPO members, supporters and like-minded organizations highlight the important issues for patient-centred healthcare, and the need for all patients to access equitable, high quality and affordable healthcare.


6 December 2014

We need to unite to ensure all people, across the world, have fair and equal access to quality healthcare. Show your support. Stand with us. One voice. United. Universal.