How to use the logo

Why this logo?

How do people show agreement with one another? They shake hands. How do people go even further and say, in an open and public way, “We are together!”? They interlock their fingers.

It’s a universally accepted gesture, something that is recognisable all over the world in many languages and cultures. IAPO and our members, along patients everywhere, want this human symbol of unity and solidarity to be recognisable all over the world in the call for Universal Health Coverage. We need you to help us spread the message about Patient Solidarity Day, in whatever way you can.

To start with, you can show your own solidarity simply by taking a photo of yourself, just as we have, making the interlocking fingers gesture and sending it around your online networks. It’s a fun and simple way to show how much you care about patient-centred healthcare. Don’t forget to add the #PSD2014 hashtag so we can see it! When united, we can move mountains together. One voice. United. Universal.

Using the logo

Quite simply, put it everywhere you can think of!

  • Your website
  • Your newsletter
  • Your social media profiles (Twitter and Facebook and any others you use!)
  • Your email signature
  • Onto stickers for placing around your office or on other promotional materials at your events
  • Turn it into badges to wear everywhere you go
  • Put it onto a car sticker and spread the word even when you are stuck in traffic!
  • Make it into t-shirts for your team to wear at your events


Sharing the logo

For the symbol to become recognisable, it must be used in the same way everywhere it is placed. Before you print it or place it online, please make sure that you use the official logo files for your different uses: 

For using on social media (Twitter, Facebook and others): Small logo without writing (without tagline wording of Patient Solidarity Day. Once voice. United. Universal): PNG file 
For using as email banners, in newsletters, or on websites: Logo with writing: PNG file
For use on websites, social media, banners etc: Text banner: PNG file  

If using for professional printing, posters, banners or large scale use, we do have larger format EPS image files available. Please contact us should you require this image format.