IAPO represents patient voices at WHO Regional Committee meetings

Monday, 6 October 2014

The World Health Organization (WHO) 2014 Regional Committee meetings are underway. These are to set policy, approve budgets and decide programmes of work for each of the WHO regions.

IAPO representatives attended the European and Pan-American events in the past few weeks to highlight the patient voice, advocate on IAPO principles and contribute to key issues that affect patients and patients groups around the world.

The European meeting was held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 15-18 September. IAPO Chair Elect Jolanta Bilinska and IAPO member Evgenia Starkova​ attended and highlighted the IAPO position on universal health coverage (in the context of the Health 2020 goals) and on the involvement of non-state actors with WHO, which were recorded and are accessible on the WHO website (see links). Both were received very positively by the EURO Regional Director and a number of other Non Governmental Organizations signed up to support our position too.

The Pan-American meeting was held in Washington DC, USA on 29 September - 3 October. IAPO Governing Board Member Eva-Maria Ruiz de Castilla and IAPO member Piga Fernández attended and highlighted the IAPO position on universal health coverage and involvement of non-state actors with WHO too, emphasizing that WHO must work with others to improve healthcare for patients.

IAPO representatives will be attending the Western Pacific and Eastern Mediterranean Regional Committee meetings in the coming weeks.