Key principles for universal health coverage

Monday, 1 September 2014

We are in the final stages of confirming a set of principles that will underpin IAPO’s work and support member advocacy on universal health coverage (UHC). 


Members played a key role in drafting these principles at the IAPO Congress in March and in the months since.

Delivering universal health coverage and care that meets the needs of diverse patients is a difficult balancing act. Disparities in access and funding need to be tackled at every level. These principles are a good start in addressing these issues. 


Pulling together the principles

Members discussed key themes from a patient perspective at the Congress and these remain at the core of the principles: patient-centredness, accessibility, equity, quality, empowerment, collaboration, value and sustainability, accountability and transparency. 

We believe these principles need to be at the centre of health systems and we call on all governments and stakeholders to support and put into practice these principles to ensure affordable, high quality and equitable access for all their citizens.

The principles are a starting point for further discussion and action. In line with our Policy Framework, we gathered further input from IAPO members, external partners and stakeholders in drafting the principles. 


Future use of principles

We intend to use the IAPO Principles on UHC to support discussions at the upcoming World Health Organisation (WHO) regional committee meetings, and develop policy statements for future work at the World Health Assembly and beyond.

IAPO members in all regions and countries will be able to use the principles to stimulate and focus discussion at every level about what universal health coverage means in practice for patients they represent.

Once confirmed by our Governing Board, the finalised principles will be published on our website and promoted on social media and future newsletters.