Patient Solidarity Day 2014 a resounding success

Friday, 9 January 2015

Thank you to all our members and partners for making Patient Solidarity Day 2014 such a success!

On 6 December 2014, patients’ organizations from around the world, from Poland to Pakistan, from Nigeria to Chile, stood in solidarity and called for truly patient-centred healthcare available to all, under the theme of ‘One voice. United. Universal’.

Over 50 organizations, from 32 countries around the world, including international and regional bodies, showed their solidarity and support for the Day. IAPO is delighted that the Day was a global event, highlighting the importance of patients’ organizations coming together, united for one cause.

Activities during the day

Members worked very hard to make this day a success, holding a range of events including meetings with representatives from Ministries of Health and healthcare professionals, through to marches, community health screenings, hospital visits and informative talks. Around the world, people came together, many distributing flyers and balloons, wearing t-shirts with the logo, all to raise awareness about this important Day and its core themes. So many members were able to attract great media coverage, and social media in particular was abuzz with people joining the cause.


Recognition from others

The WHO European regional body stated that they recognized the importance of the Day; a great step in getting this important day recognized as a leading global health initiative.

Patient Solidarity Day was initiated by the Morris Moses Foundation in Kenya and has grown to now become a truly global event, calling for patient-centred healthcare and the need for universal health coverage. We look forward to working together to make Patient Solidarity Day in 2015 an even greater success!

More details

For all information, please visit the Patient Solidarity Day website.