Four reasons to become an IAPO member

Monday, 30 March 2015

We want you to join the global patients' movement and become an IAPO member!

IAPO is unique; we are the only patients’ alliance that works across regions and across conditions to create a truly global, unified patients' voice.

Why should you join IAPO?

1. Gain access to the World Health Organization (WHO) and other influential global health actors...

...through IAPO's official relations status with WHO and other contacts. Stay ahead of the pack in terms of healthcare trends and movements.

2. Be at the heart of all that IAPO does...

Members are at the very centre of everything we do, so joining as a member means you have access to leading resources first hand, can help shape our direction and policy positions, and are the first to participate and learn through our consultations, events and projects.

3. Join with patients' organizations around the world... highlighting the need for patient-centred healthcare by supporting Patient Solidarity Day and signing on to our Declaration for Patient-Centred Healthcare.

4. Create new partnerships...

...through participating in our network and sharing best practice and case studies with other patients' organizations and stakeholders. This is done by attending regional meetings and the biennial Global Patients Congress


Find out more

Join us in working together as a united cause to strengthen the global patient voice. Become a member today. Find out more on our membership page or email us for further information.

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