Reminding health professionals about real patient power

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

IAPO CEO Kawaldip Sehmi recently wrote a guest editorial on 'Patient Power' for the Journal.

We were pleased to be invited to contribute to this publication which has a circulation of over 40,000, primarily an audience of Cardiologists, Radiologists, Healthcare IT professionals and hospital directors. Kawaldip introduces the idea of healthcare professionals reflecting on a patient’s real experience of patient-centred care and satisfaction in the context of their own practice.

These specialists in hospitals may have far fewer interactions with patients than a General Practitioner or Emergency Care Physician, but it is just as crucial that they are encouraged to unpick the meaning behind concepts and phrases like ‘patient-involvement’ and ‘patient-centred’ which are frequently quoted and often not truly understood. 

In the article we try to remind this group of the need to listen and respond to the patient voice, and consider the challenges and potential actions. Nicola Bedlington of the European Patients Forum is a patient advisory group Chair for European Radiology, and similar arrangements are being increasingly considered by other societies.

Do take a look, and feel free to share.

"We hear often about patient-centred care and patient involvement, but how aware are you really of the experiences and needs of the patients you serve? Do you know their views of health services and systems they navigate, beyond your experiences of individual interactions or information reported in patient ‘satisfaction’ surveys?" - Kawaldip Sehmi

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