Snakes and ladders for patients

Friday, 1 April 2016

IAPO Policy Manager Alison Lightbourne recently explored how to build a better care continuum for the journal. 

For staff working at the sharp edge of health services, whether in a hospital or community setting, what happens at the United Nations (UN) or World Health Organization (WHO ) can seem far removed and rather irrelevant.

I would encourage you to keep in mind that in the context of delivering a truly patient-centred continuum of care, the recent agreement by 193 countries to sign up to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals commits these nations to establish and improve universal health coverage for their citizens by 2030 (United Nations 2015)...

A ‘care continuum’ for patients can often feel like a game of snakes and ladders where you never know whether you can safely advance or what risks await that may derail your wellbeing.

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