Global Patients Congress keynote speakers

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The 7th Global Patients Congress will feature a wide range of excellent speakers. 

Dr Nicolas Sireau

Dr Nicolas Sireau is Chairman and CEO of the AKU Society, a patient group that helps people with Alkaptonuria, a rare genetic disease that affects both his children. He brings an entrepreneurial approach to social problems and is finding new ways to attract investment in rare diseases.

Previously, Nick worked as CEO of SolarAid, an international NGO bringing solar power to Africa. He is a fellow of the Ashoka Fellowship of Social Entrepreneurs and has a PhD in the social psychology of social movements. He is the editor of ‘Rare Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs’ (Greenleaf 2013) and is a TEDx talk speaker, having presented on ‘Fundamental Diseases’ in 2012.

Dr Anders Olauson

Anders Olauson is President of the European Patients Forum, Founder and Director of the Agrenska Centre, and Board member for EURORDIS

He is an expert in addressing care, therapies, policy and regulation on rare diseases through health legislation (up to global regional treaties level). Anders works with representatives from hospitals, education, labour and other key actors in the field of rare diseases, and will bring his experience in high-level advocacy and working with different stakeholders to Congress.

Dr Bruce Eshaya-Chauvin

Dr Eshaya-Chauvin is a physician with broad experience and expertise in international public health and humanitarian action. Former head of Heath Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and head of the Health Department of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, he is the Medical Advisor to the Health Care in Danger Project. The project aims to make healthcare delivery safer around the world by mobilizing experts to develop practical measures for decision-makers, military, humanitarian organizations and health professionals.

Other speakers

We have lined up a wide range of excellent speakers.

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