Patients' guidelines for Ramadan 2016

Monday, 6 June 2016

Once again the auspicious ninth lunar month in the Islamic calendar is here! It's an exciting time for many of our Muslim patient members and their families as they plan to fulfil their obligations to fast for a month starting around 7 June 2016.

The month-long dawn to dusk fast (sawm) is one of the central pillars of Islam, others being the professing of the faith (Shahadah), ritual praying five times a day (salat), charity (zakat) and pilgrimage (hajj).

Observing Ramadan safely

Many public health organizations take the opportunity to use this month to motivate people to give up smoking and to adopt healthy lifestyles: eating healthily and undertaking physical activity. At the same time health authorities and Muslim health professionals raise awareness among chronically ill patients that their observation of the fast must be safe. Those dependent on taking regular medication during the day must seek advice from their doctors.

Guidance for Diabetics

One special group of patients presents concern during this month: the International Diabetes Federation has produced guidelines for diabetics worldwide. For specific advice please contact your doctor.

We wish you all a peaceful and fruitful Ramadan this year. Eat and live healthy!

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