IAPO members celebrate World Diabetes Day

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Led by IAPO member, International Diabetes Federation, World Diabetes Day celebrated on 14 November every year, unites the global diabetes community to produce a powerful voice for diabetes awareness and advocacy. 

Its theme for 2018 is Family and Diabetes in recognition of the support a person living with diabetes receives from family. IAPO members are marking the campaign in the following ways:


International Diabetes Federation

To mark diabetes awareness month and World Diabetes Day, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is urging families to learn more about the warning signs of diabetes. IDF has discovered that parents struggle to spot this serious life-long disease in their own children. Despite the majority of people having a family member with diabetes, many have trouble recognising the warning signs or spotting them at all. 

The findings underline the need for greater education and awareness to help people spot the diabetes warning signs early, to avoid potentially life-changing consequences. 

This November, IDF is urging people to test their diabetes knowledge and learn more through an online awareness assessment available here.


Polish Diabetes Association 

Polish Diabetes Association mark the campaign throughout Poland during the entire month of November, but also in October. The activities include educational meetings, scientific conferences, discussion panels, diabetes care fairs, diabetes screenings, marches, concerts, and award-giving ceremonies. 

The main WDD celebration is going to take place on 17 November in the city of Działdowo in Central-East Poland. There, in addition to the above activities, they will be providing a diabetes education, which is their number one priority. They will give lectures on diabetes complications, monitoring, good patient-doctor relationships characteristics, proper diet and muchmore. The event is open and free for everyone.

Programme available at: https://diabetyk.org.pl/zapraszamy-na-obchody-swiatowego-dnia-walki-z-cukrzyca-w-dzialdowie/ 

Contact: sekretariat@diabetyk.org.pl scmlzd


Citizens' Association for the Fight Against Diabetes 'ZENICA'

Led by the Institute of Food Safety and Health in the Zenica-Doboj Canton and the Association of Diabetes Associations, the Citizens' Association for the Fight against Diabetes Zenica, will mark  World Diabetes Day by carrying out awareness raising sessions on blood sugar control for the prevention of Diabetes on 14 November in 10 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main activity will be in be in the municipality of Vareš and incase you would like to join them, you can contact Dr. Elma Kuduzović: elma.kuduzovic@inz.ba, or Haris Delić: haris.harisdelic@gmail.com


The Association for Diabetes Care in Argentina (CUI.D.AR)

CUI.D.AR marked World Diabetes Day through thier campaign "LIVING WITH DIABETES DOES NOT PREVENT DREAMING". This initiative aims to highlight the dreams and projects of those living/affected by diabetes to  society as a whole demontrating that indeed diabetes does not stop you from dreaming. In this way, it tries to INSPIRE society to make a commitment to make a difference in the lives of these people and build for them a reality more sensitive to their needs...

CUI.D.AR invite you to be a part of it. How? They intend to show, through images and stories, the DREAMS of the people who day after day live with Diabetes. Therefore, if you have Diabetes or if you know someone who has this condition, help them raise awareness and JOIN this Campaign! To do this visit their website www.cuidar.org, fill oin the form and upload a photo and / or video. CUI.D.AR will artistically edit your images and share them in their social networks and on this website.You can also share on your Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Also, tell your family, your friends, and health professionals to do it too! They too can upload their photo and / or video in support of your dream! You are encouraged to share the photos as many times as possible to ensure we reach as many people as possible. In addition to the photos, you can also share among your network phrases and texts included on the CUI.D.AR website, so that more people can know about Diabetes. And if you know anyone considered an influencer, contact CUI.D.AR so we can contact them and encourage them to join the campaign. We will send you a surprise on your part.