Sexual life and Multiple Sclerosis: A video animation

Friday, 15 February 2019

Sexual intimacy challenges can be a difficult topic to talk about, even though common for people with and without chronic conditions.

To get the conversation going about sex and multiple sclerosis (MS), MS International Federation (MSIF) – an IAPO member – has recently launched an animation looking at some of the ways that MS can affect intimacy and sexuality. Everyone’s experience of MS is unique though, so not everyone will necessarily experience all or any of the issues raised in the animation.

The animation, ‘Sex life and MS’, was originally created by the Italian MS Society. MSIF collaborated with their members in Australia, Denmark, Italy, India, Lebanon, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom to adapt and translate the video so it can be shared with people affected by MS around the world.

MSIF has translated the animation into English, Arabic, and Spanish, with more language versions to follow over the next few months.

The animation looks at three categories of sexual issues:

  1. Those that result from damage to the central nervous system
  2. Those that are the result of other symptoms of MS
  3. Those caused by the emotional aspects of MS

The video, which addresses the different challenges both men and women may face, highlights the importance of communication, whether with a doctor, a partner, or a trusted friend. It also includes a few practical strategies for managing sexual challenges.

Talking about these issues and trying to break down the taboo around them is one way of improving quality of life with MS and other chronic conditions. By being open and honest about sexual issues, we can start to challenge the stigma.

The video addresses some of the unseen symptoms that people with MS can face, which is a key part of this year’s World MS Day campaign, My Invisible MS.

Watch the animation in: