IAPO joins World Skin Health Coalition to raise awareness of skin diseases

IAPO joins World Skin Health Coalition to raise awareness of skin diseases

Monday, 11 March 2024

IAPO has joined the World Skin Health Coalition in a collaborative effort to raise global awareness about the significant impact of skin diseases and conditions.

The 'Not Just My Skin' campaign addresses the urgent needs for timely diagnosis, access to care and affordable treatment, and mental health support for people living with skin conditions and diseases.

As a Partner of the coalition, IAPO is committed to advocating for the prioritisation of these critical issues by health policy leaders worldwide.


Skin diseases and conditions are more prevalent than many people realise, ranking as the world’s third most prevalent cause of illness and among the top 10 causes of disability. Despite their widespread impact, they are often misunderstood as cosmetic or minor ailments. However, the reality for millions of individuals is a daily battle with serious, debilitating conditions that not only affect physical health but also take a toll on mental well-being.

Recognising the underestimated burden of skin diseases, key voices from skin patients and medical communities came together in 2020 to initiate a dialogue, leading to the formation of the World Skin Health Coalition – a patient-led multi-stakeholder group of 27 Partners composed of patient organizations, health care professional societies, industry companies and research organizations. As a Partner of the coalition, IAPO is dedicated to amplifying the voices of skin patients and advocating for improved access to diagnosis, treatment, and support services.


How You Can Get Involved


Join the global movement that's set to change the way the world sees and understands skin health by sharing this campaign within your network and signing the open letter now at notjustmyskin.org.