How YOU can show support!


How YOU can show support! 

6 December​ 2014

Patient Solidarity Day 2014 is all about highlighting the importance of patient-centred healthcare and the need for all people around the world to have access to high quality, equal and affordable healthcare. It is a call for all patient groups to come together as one voice, united across the globe, and show solidarity with one another, and to raise awareness of these critical issues for patients and patient organizations.

We appreciate that your time and efforts are already stretched so we have put together a list of ideas to help you show your support using as much or as little time and resources as you can spare. You don’t need lots of money, time or resources to make a large impact and to show your support! See below for a full range of activities you can do.

How can you help?

Little gestures that go a long way!

Making a bigger splash!


We want to hear from you!

Help us in promoting patient-centred healthcare across the world. To share your story and get your voice heard, please visit our miituu page to record your video! Share with us the activities and events you have planned for Patient Solidarity Day. You can use your internet browser and webcam for this, otherwise please download the IAPO Apple app from the App store which allows you to record and view the videos from your phone.

RECORDING TIPS for your video! In order to get the best recordings from your miituu it is important that you follow a few simple tips. 

VIDEO: What you see is what you get. If your image on the screen is not what you want, then please adjust your position / location, until you are happy.

LIGHT: Make sure light is falling onto you and not behind you or directly above you - e.g. have windows facing you. If you have them directly behind you then you are  likely to look like just a dark shadow.

EYE LINE: When answering questions, please look directly at the screen. If you look down or off to the side to read responses then your responses will come across as scripted as opposed to natural. Natural movement is fine, but returning your glance to the screen will give greater continuity and consistency for the viewer.

NOISE: Try to choose a quiet space - if you have any office doors or windows open then best close them.

RELAX & ENJOY: While this experience may be unusual for some of you, we would encourage you to have fun! Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. 

All support is great support!

Please note that whilst the actual date of Patient Solidarity Day is 6 December 2014, any show of support in the surrounding days and weeks is very welcome. Many IAPO members are holding activities to support the campaign in the week leading up to the Day. Any support is great support! 

The greatest lesson we learnt though is that, with determination, focus and planning, anything can be achievable. (LiveWell Initiative, Nigeria)

Let us know your plans!

We love to see what our members are doing for the Day, so please let us know what activities you are planning! Keep us updated on social media by using the #PSD2014, including us in your posts by linking to @PatientSolDay or by emailing us.