Little gestures that go a long way! 

Upload a photo

  • Upload a photo of yourself and/or your team performing the “interlocking fingers” gesture (as in the PSD2014 logo) to your Facebook page or Twitter account and invite your contacts and networks to do the same. If you use Twitter please make sure you add the hashtag #PSD2014 so we can see it and celebrate your contribution! Look at the IAPO team doing it! 

Spread the word

  • Put the Patient Solidarity Day 2014 logo everywhere you can think of! Ask your colleagues to do the same – for some simple ideas on how to use the logo click here.
  • Send a letter to your Ministry of Health, government, WHO country or regional offices, health system providers, local clinics, or any health professional bodies, calling for the importance of patient-centred healthcare and the need to move towards achieving universal healthcare coverage. Partnerships building and networking is very important to help connect stakeholders, raise awareness and bring key attention to this vital issue. These will be uploaded shortly!
  • Use your social media networks to spread the word - follow and share our news on Twitter and Facebook. Use the hashtag #PSD2014 to grow the conversation. 
  • Share your stories! We want to hear from you why this Day is important and what patient solidarity means to you. Upload a video on our miituu video wall and tell us your story. 
  • Highlight Patient Solidarity Day in your organizational newsletter or events pages on your website and encourage your networks and partners to do the same!

Get talking

  • Share personal stories: create a safe space, either online or offline, for patients to discuss their issues, needs and what solidarity means to them. By sharing personal stories, you will add the human element to any story and help highlight the value and importance of the issues. This will not only give patients a much-needed voice, but also ensure that your message gets heard. Ask your networks to share what solidarity means to them or why patient-centred healthcare is important to them. 
  • Talk to your local/national media about the day and the issues that patient groups face, and how to work towards universal health coverage and make positive changes in healthcare – click here for an example press release. We will upload a link to the press release closer to the date.
  • Use events or projects you are already working on or holding! You don’t have to create a specific or special event for Patient Solidarity Day 2014. Any existing work that you are currently doing, or any upcoming events can be used to highlight the day and the important issues it raises.


Let us know your plans!

We love to see what our members are doing for the Day, so please do let us know what activities you are planning! Keep us updated on social media by using the #PSD2014 or by emailing us

Please note that while the actual date of Patient Solidarity Day 2014 is on December 6, any show of support for this initiative in the surrounding days and weeks is most welcome. Many IAPO members are holding activities to support the campaign in the week leading up to the Day: any support is great support!