Patient Engagement in Hospitals

A joint journal between IAPO and IHF

Over the past few months, we have been working with the International Hospital Federation to create a special edition of, 'World Hospitals and Health Services: The Official Journal of the International Hospital Federation'. 

The journal features eight examples of patient engagement in hospitals across the globe and features four case studies from IAPO members and contacts.

Australia – Consumers Health Forum of Australia: Enabling health service consumers to have an active role throughout the health system

Hong Kong – The Hong Kong Alliance of Patients’ Organizations: Working constructively to increase hospital openness and accountability 

South Africa – The South African Depression and Anxiety Group and government hospital partners: Addressing the challenge of poor adherence in psychiatry

United States– The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Working with patients, carers and hospital professionals to improve awareness, treatment and patient choice  

World Hospitals and Health Services: Improving Patient Care (special issue)

Case studies from across the world on improving patient care in hospitals.

'The recent Ebola crisis has highlighted the need for the hospital sector to be on constant guard for unexpected events and to have the ability to respond rapidly to new threats to the health of the population...'