The World Health Organization (WHO) is undergoing a process of reform to better equip itself to address the increasingly complex healthcare challenges of the 21st century.

As part of this reform process, WHO is exploring ways to more effectively collaborate with relevant stakeholders including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), partnerships, the private sector, foundations, and other relevant stakeholders. 

This reform process will have implications for how NGOs, including patients’ organizations, will be able to engage with WHO in the future and IAPO has responded to a number of consultations on this work. In our responses, we have highlighted the importance of:

  • Patient involvement at all levels of healthcare policy-making
  • Defining what constitutes a conflict of interest
  • A clear framework for interaction between WHO and non-state actors

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Working with WHO

Find out more about WHO, how to work with them and how IAPO are already involved with them. Read IAPO's intervention on the involvement of non-state actors in the WHO, presented to WHO Regional Committees in 2014