Diabetes patients' groups respond to the health cuts in Brazil.
The Medtronic Foundation is now accepting applications for the Bakken Invitation Award, an international award celebrating the philanthropic power of patients.
We are pleased to announce that Hussain Jafri , from Alzheimer's Pakistan, and Bejon Misra , from Consumer Online Foundation (India), will be joining the IAPO Governing Board in August 2016.
IAPO members represent patients around the world and often deal with challenges such as funding cuts, changes in administrations and wider economic uncertainty.
We will be welcoming Hussain Jafri, Secretary General for Alzheimer's Pakistan, to our Governing Board in August 2016.
We will be welcoming Bejon Misra, the founder of the Consumer Online Foundation, India, to our Governing Board in August 2016. Bejon answered a few questions about his work, what he brings to IAPO and why he is involved in patient advocacy work.
IAPO member, Uganda Platform for Diabetics (UPLAD), has been developing innovative ways to tackle diabetes in community settings. By starting and running ‘Diabetic Camps’ in different locations across Uganda, UPLAD has managed to screen, diagnose and educate many people through one day events.
26 April 2017
The annual conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) will take place in Kyoto, Japan in 2017.​...
21 September 2016
World Alzheimer’s Day (21st of September) was launched in 1994 to mark the 10th anniversary of Alzheimer Disease International (ADI) and has grown significantly since then. ​...
The Ministry of Health for Argentina has recently passed a law in support of Universal Health Coverage. Isabel Rolando, President of Concebir , explores what this means for patients in Argentina today.​


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