Biosimilars Toolkit

An Information and Advocacy Toolkit for Patients' Organizations

This toolkit provides patients’ organizations with up-to-date, evidence-based information on the science, technology and regulatory information relevant to biologic originator and thier biosimilar medicines, as well as tips on advocacy. 

We believe that patients should be aware of what biologic originator and biosimilar medicines are and what the implications of their increasing availability will mean to them. We hope that these resources will help patient advocates to make informed judgments on the value of biologic originator and biosimilar medicines and actively engage in debate and discussion.   

Biologics Medicines Toolkit 2017

The development of this Toolkit was a joint research effort by the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO) and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) with the educational grant support of Roche and Amgen. 

Biologic Medicines: Delivering on their potential for patients

A Scorecard to Assist in Talking with Your Doctor About Biosimilars

Fact Sheet 1: Introduction to Biologics

Fact sheet 2: Regulation of Biologics

Fact sheet 3: Introduction to Biosimilars & Regulatory Requirements

Fact sheet 4: Biosimilars and the Importance of adherence to International Regulatory Standards

Fact sheet 5: Pharmacovigilance: Monitoring and Traceability across the System

Fact sheet 6: Talking to Patients About Biosimilars: Role of Health Professional

Fact sheet 7: Regulator Capacity for Biologics in Low-and-Middle Income Countries

Fact sheet 8: Key Recommendations of the WHO Biosimilars Evaluation Guidelines1

FAQ Questions about Biosimilars: What Patients Should Ask Their Doctors


Biological and Biosimilar Medicines 2013


Free for patients' groups

This toolkit is freely available to all patients' organizations across the world, whether an IAPO member or not. If you are a patients' organization, and would like a printed copy, please complete the order form and send back to IAPO via email at  

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