Leading, advancing and empowering patient groups in Latin America


"Health issues do not touch only individuals, they are up to us all" - Dr Edgar Castañeda, Director of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Colombia


2016 - First Latin American country-cluster event - “Leave no-one behind”

IAPO held its first Latin American countries-cluster  workshop on 18-19 November 2016 in Bogota, Colombia.

40 stakeholders participated in a seminar on patient-centred Universal Health Coverage and access to Biotherapeutics. 26 patients’ organizations from Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela actively engaged in capacity building workshops to strengthen their advocacy skills, and receive a better understanding of patient-centredness and their role in facing the challenges and barriers to the availability, accessibility, acceptability, quality and safety of Biotherapeutics in the region.

A number of materials are available here:

Delegates’ handbook (in Spanish)

Photos of the event

Event Report


Our multi-stakeholder seminar (day 1)


Video recording of the multi-stakeholder seminar:

Presentations (in Spanish):


Our workshops (day 1 & 2)


Presentations (in Spanish):


2015 - Regional meeting - Panama City, Panama

On 24 and 25 August, IAPO held its fifth Regional Meeting in Latin America, which included a multi-stakeholder seminar and capacity building workshops.

“Equal access to essential medications is held as a universal human right” - Dr Caroline Chang Campos, ORAS-CONHU

Resources from the meeting

“There are many things we can do. Don’t be afraid of doing them. We have to be persistent, and never feel defeated” - Carlos Castro Sanchez, Asociación ALE

Multi-stakeholder seminar: Innovation, Regulation and Patient-centred Healthcare

Capacity-building workshop one: how to generate evidence to legitimate advocacy

“Patient-centred healthcare benefits all in society. It makes clinical, economic and social sense to create patient-centred health systems in the Latin American Region” - Kawaldip Sehmi, CEO

Capacity-building workshop two: Biologic and Biosimilar Medicines: how can patients’ groups build their national strategy?

​​Capacity-building workshop three: from the strategic plan to the regional action plan, Leading, Advancing, Empowering

  • Agenda
  • Presentations from our members:
    • Pulmory Hypertension Latin Society – Migdalia Denis: video and slides
    • Cystic Fibrosis patients' organizations:
      • Argentine Cystic Fibrosis Association - Teresa Hospital: video and slides
      • Mexican Cystic Fibrosis Association – Guadalupe Campoy: the audience breathed with a straw for several minutes (see photos on facebook)
    • Chilean Alliance of Patient Groups: video
    • Working in red – Luis Adrian Quiroz and Cintia Solano: slides
    • RedTRascender – Isabel Panetta: slides
    • Information on knowledge management – Gustavo Campillo: slides
  • IAPO - Members working together: slides


2014 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We held the fourth regional meeting for Latin America in August 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in order to coordinate activities with the 16th International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities (ICDRA). Read the meeting report.

A number of the materials are available here: