Countdown to Patient Solidarity Day

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Patient Solidarity Day (PSD) 2018 is less than a month away and everyone’s contribution can really make a difference towards ensuring Safe Medication and Healthcare for All.

Activities are already in place to mark the day. Click here to view the global list of Events & Activities.

Once again, IAPO is supporting its members with grants to hold activities in celebration of PSD. This year, 11 member organizations were the recipients of the PSD grants and will hold varied activities all over the world to advocate for patient safety in their own countries. Find out all about it here.

On 7 November, IAPO and Fight the Fakes held a joint webinar to explore the opportunities that exist for patient advocates in tackling falsified and substandard medical products on a global scale. Engaging questions followed the presentations, and attendees reported tremendous satisfaction with the session. Find out all about it here.


Join the campaign

Here are all the ways you can support our Safe Medication and Healthcare for All campaign and help to spread the word about patient safety:


Planning an event for 7th December?

Don’t forget to tell us by emailing  for us to pin your event on to our global list of events so that everyone will know what you’re planning for PSD2018.

Don’t forget to support us on social media using the hashtag #PSD2018 and tagging @IAPOvoice, @PatientSolDay on Twitter and Iapo Patient Voice on Facebook.