Reporting by Kawaldip Sehmi, IAPO CEO, from the FIFARMA strategy meeting in Panama City A good start-invite the patients to observe! Like most of us, you are probably now searching the Internet for the acronym FIFARMA. You will find very little about it! The Federacion Latinoamericana de la...
Board Member Joshua Wamboga reports from the World Health Organization Africa's 66th Regional Committee meeting held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 19-23 August 2016 Saving the best for last Africa has a way of dragging out the best for last when it comes to important discussions on health. The World...
Innovation improving sustainable access: boosting your reach and impact.
This August, Migdalia Denis, from the Pulmonary Hypertension Latin Society, will join the IAPO Governing Board.
Corruption in the health sector can mean the difference between life and death, and the poorest people around the world are the worst affected.
A group of 18 leading biopharmaceutical companies have come together share ideas, simplify and speed up the research and development of new drugs, and improve patient experience around the globe.
Penney Cowan, from American Chronic Pain Association, asks what would have happened if Prince had access to pain relief, proper pain management and freedom from stigma around pain?
The Medtronic Foundation is now accepting applications for the Bakken Invitation Award, an international award celebrating the philanthropic power of patients.
Antonio Ciaglia , IAPO's Policy Manager, explores why trust must be at the centre of every doctor-patient relationship, and how this should be a core pillar of patient-centred healthcare.